Haunts - 'Tantalus' out next week 20 June 2019

Haunts return with their first new material since their 2017 debut CD EP, this time with a 2 song lathe cut 7".

'Tantalus' will be released next Friday, 28th June and is limited to just 20 copies.

You can watch the band recording 'Tantalus' on the video below.

Rope: Songs that inspired 'Come Closer Now' playlist 13 June 2018

Rope have put together a playlist of tracks that inspired their upcoming LP, 'Come Closer Now'.

Listen to it now on our Spotify page

Our new record ‘Come Closer Now’ is out next month, and here’s a list of songs for you to play (known otherwise as a playlist); this isn’t really a cross-reference of things the album sounds like, more just sort of stuff I/we (mostly I to be fair) enjoy that is worth hearing and gives some vague context. Some stuff here is included on the grounds of great lyrics (“I could drink a case of you, darling, and I would still be on my feet”), some on the grounds of solid riffin’ (Wrote For Luck) some on the grounds of great songwriting (The Electrician) or the achievement of what is commonly known as ‘vibez’ (The Rainbow) - to be honest some of it is just there to freak you out (Face on Breast)
Enjoy. K

Yards release video for 'War Tourist' 26 February 2018

Yards have released a new video for the track 'War Tourist' from their recently released debut album, 'Excitation Thresholds'.

Watch it below / buy the album here

Haunts release their intricate and heart-rending instrumental debut, 'A Lack Of Empathy' 18 December 2017

Haunts are a collective of musicians based in the south east of England which began life as a solo venture for ex-Human Future guitarist, Phillip Short. Over the course of recording this first EP, Phillip sought help from a range of musicians including some former Human Future members, most notably Kurt Phillips on drums and bassist Luke Booth who appears on the opening track 'Creep Pulse'.

Listen here

A Lack Of Empathy's release is paired with a music video for 'Creep Pulse' which is made up of slide film being projected on various textured surfaces. This technique was also used to create Joe Page's artwork, and as a bonus for anyone who purchases a copy of the CD, they will be sent a unique slide that was used in the making of the artwork and music video.

Yards release music video for 'Moon Choker' 1 September 2017

Yards have released a music video for the track 'Moon Choker' from their debut LP, 'Excitation Thresholds'.

Here's a short note about the song meaning taken from the LP liner notes:

Science as a candle in the dark, and the growing scepticism against it; mainly on Twitter for Christ's sake

Yards - 'Excitation Thresholds' is streaming in full on Metal Hammer 22 August 2017

Check out YARDS debut LP in full right now on the Metal Hammer website

All pre-orders have now shipped and should be arriving with you before the release date (25th August)
Blue / clear vinyl is sold out, however we have a good number of Toxic Yellow in store, or you can pick up a copy from most record stores across the country - we strongly recommend you head into All Ages in Camden or Resident in Brighton