UK Doom Titans go head to head with a bone-crushing split 12" LP 5 February 2016

We are pleased to bring together SONANCE and TORPOR on this exciting split LP, which sees both bands combine their bludgeoning sounds for what will be one of the heaviest and bleakest releases of 2016. Each band is bonded by low end, whilst focusing on differing aspects, and proves the UK is still capable of creating challenging and emotionally draining music that punishes sub woofers and threatens to induce tinnitus.

Opening the album is TORPOR, and whilst losing a vocalist may seem like a large obstacle for many bands to overcome, this has allowed TORPOR to develop their sound and roles as a 3 piece. There is an increased focus on sharing vocals between each member, exploring a darker, more atmospheric and effects driven sound yet becoming ever heavier. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio over 3 days in December 2015, these songs showcase TORPOR at their most devastating to date.

SONANCE have a tendency to balance passages of indiscriminate heavy noise with graceful, yet morose restraint. Never afraid to be complex or unsettling, beautiful and utterly crushing in equal measure. This is the third studio release from the band, and following 2012's LIKE GHOSTS and 2014's BLACKFLOWER, the three songs presented on this LP only go to reaffirm their unyielding vision. Mixed and mastered by the band itself, few can match their nuances.

Each band is having a song premiered today at Noisey. The album will be released digitally on Friday 12th February, and physically on April 15th.