The UK's finest dual-bass, sludge masters PALEHORSE return with a stunning new album 13 April 2016

London’s Palehorse continue to explore the murkier corners of the human condition with their distinct brand of blackened low-end doom, laced with dark humour, paradox and abject defeatism, and with doses of dirge, noise rock and hardcore cast into the mix.

Featuring an unsettling and snarling synth underbelly, vicious and unforgiving drumming, and vocals that are in turns desolate, dejected and panicked; the punishing dual-bass five-piece have announced a brand new album, 'Looking Wet in Public' which will be available this summer on Truthseeker Music. The album is the first since 'Harm Starts Here' was released on Candlelight Records in 2013.

Mantra-like sections collide with lurching rhythm shifts, as stories of paranoia, redemption and self-loathing arrive with the sort of relentless conviction that comes with giving up.

To promote this release, Palehorse will be taking part in a co-headline tour of the UK with perfect allies Ghold throughout the month of May, which will see the band travel to almost every major city in the UK.

Palehorse are about to leave listeners with the uncomfortable sense that something inevitable and horrifying is going to happen.

You can preorder the album digitally for just 50p on our bandcamp, and head to The Quietus to hear a the track from the album right now.