Haunts release their intricate and heart-rending instrumental debut, 'A Lack Of Empathy' 18 December 2017

Haunts are a collective of musicians based in the south east of England which began life as a solo venture for ex-Human Future guitarist, Phillip Short. Over the course of recording this first EP, Phillip sought help from a range of musicians including some former Human Future members, most notably Kurt Phillips on drums and bassist Luke Booth who appears on the opening track 'Creep Pulse'.

Listen here

A Lack Of Empathy's release is paired with a music video for 'Creep Pulse' which is made up of slide film being projected on various textured surfaces. This technique was also used to create Joe Page's artwork, and as a bonus for anyone who purchases a copy of the CD, they will be sent a unique slide that was used in the making of the artwork and music video.