Yards release video for 'War Tourist' 26 February 2018

Yards have released a new video for the track 'War Tourist' from their recently released debut album, 'Excitation Thresholds'.

Watch it below / buy the album here

Rope return with a new two song live cassette. Sophomore studio LP coming soon! 23 February 2018

Rope return with a new live release which features two brand new songs on limited edition cassette via Future Void Records. The music video is streaming now at IDIOTEQ along with an interview with the band

The opening track on the cassette is titled 'Human Resources' and is taken from Rope's forthcoming sophomore studio LP, 'Come Closer Now' which is out on Truthseeker later in 2018. The second track, 'The Common Cold' is exclusive to this release.

Both tracks on this release were recorded live by Thomas Hill at The Green Door Store in Brighton, UK.

Haunts release their intricate and heart-rending instrumental debut, 'A Lack Of Empathy' 18 December 2017

Haunts are a collective of musicians based in the south east of England which began life as a solo venture for ex-Human Future guitarist, Phillip Short. Over the course of recording this first EP, Phillip sought help from a range of musicians including some former Human Future members, most notably Kurt Phillips on drums and bassist Luke Booth who appears on the opening track 'Creep Pulse'.

Listen here

A Lack Of Empathy's release is paired with a music video for 'Creep Pulse' which is made up of slide film being projected on various textured surfaces. This technique was also used to create Joe Page's artwork, and as a bonus for anyone who purchases a copy of the CD, they will be sent a unique slide that was used in the making of the artwork and music video.

Hexis return with a brief yet blistering assault on your eardrums 5 September 2017

With 'XII', Hexis present their most relentlessly aggressive record to date, resembling a deeply chaotic tortured soundtrack to a descent into hell itself. 'XII' will be available on September 29th on clear vinyl in a super heavy gatefold cover including UV Spot Varnish, printed inner sleeve with black inside printing and a CD version of the record mounted inside of the gatefold.

Following shortly after their phenomenal sophomore album, ‘Tando Ashanti’ which came out on Halo of Flies and Alerta Antifascista Records just 6 months ago, ‘XII’ shows Hexis at their very best. Fierce, uncompromising and relentless from the start, ‘XII’ offers zero respite to the listener. A dissonant and nihilistic wall of noise crafted by hideous riffs and incessant drumming showcase the sound that Hexis are renowned for; the abrasiveness of black metal perfectly fused with the subtle grooves of hardcore punk.

Whilst hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Hexis have spent most of this year on the road. Booking and playing shows (with no management or agents) all over the planet, the band have played more than 125 shows in over 30 countries in 2017 alone, with an extensive tour of the US and more still to come before the year is out. With their powerful live performances, incredible DIY work ethic and now two ferocious releases in such a short space of time, its easy to see why Hexis are held in such high esteem by the underground scene.

'XII' was recorded at The Ranch Production House in Southampton as they continue to refine their sonic landscapes with producer and engineer Lewis Johns. While photos captured by Ivan K. Maras and Sara Biscald for the albums artwork only reinforce the bands terrifying and bleak aesthetic

Yards release music video for 'Moon Choker' 1 September 2017

Yards have released a music video for the track 'Moon Choker' from their debut LP, 'Excitation Thresholds'.

Here's a short note about the song meaning taken from the LP liner notes:

Science as a candle in the dark, and the growing scepticism against it; mainly on Twitter for Christ's sake

Yards - 'Excitation Thresholds' is streaming in full on Metal Hammer 22 August 2017

Check out YARDS debut LP in full right now on the Metal Hammer website

All pre-orders have now shipped and should be arriving with you before the release date (25th August)
Blue / clear vinyl is sold out, however we have a good number of Toxic Yellow in store, or you can pick up a copy from most record stores across the country - we strongly recommend you head into All Ages in Camden or Resident in Brighton

Human Future disband 3 July 2017

Human Future have announced their split on social media this weekend. The band posted the following statement on their Facebook account:

Thanks to everyone who saw the band this weekend and thanks to everyone who has responded so positively to 'Flat Earth Blues'. Thanks to every single person who was involved with the band and to everyone who played with us, became our friends, recorded us, released us, filmed us, put us on shows, helped arrange tours, put us up for the night and helped us make so many precious memories.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our music or even bought our merch and thanks to those who came to watch us live. There's plenty of reasons to be excited about UK alternative music, regardless of genre.

Hopefully our limited output will go on to inspire some more people to create music of their own.

Human Future began in early 2011 with no intention of ever playing a gig. They went on to tour Europe and the UK several times, played festivals, appeared on BBC Radio One, released an album, two EPs, and a split 7" which is now permanently archived in The British Library.

Human Future played their final show at Gorilla Studios in Hull on July 2nd 2017.

YARDS release their hugely anticipated debut album exclusively on Truthseeker Music this August 30 June 2017

Yards are a 4 piece hardcore band from London which started life five years ago as the second band of all it's members (Ex-Ghost of a Thousand, Astrohenge, Econo, Nitkowski ) before accidentally becoming the primary focus of their creative energy.

After putting out 2 EPs in quick succession, the band took a year out to write and record 'Excitation Thresholds'. Recorded with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios over a period of two weeks in the dead of winter, the album rattles through crusty thrash, artful noise, dirge rock to neo-classical drones all in just over 30 minutes. If you needed a statement of intent from a hardcore band in 2017, you need look no further.

'Excitation Thresholds' takes you on an uneasy and dissonant journey that is awash with a range of influences; from its 'You Fail Me'-esque guitar tones that run throughout the record, to the use of eerie vocal effects on tracks like 'Bail Recommendation'. There are moments of doom-laden, bleakness and even clean, Radiohead-tinged passages. Yards have clearly developed what they presented on their EPs, and the result is in one of the most exciting and confident albums we have released to date.

At the outset of forming Truthseeker Music, one of our biggest wishes was to release a record by Yards; having been fans of both of their previously self released EPs, we jumped at the chance to work with the band. We are immensely proud to be releasing 'Excitation Thresholds', which we hope you will agree is nothing short of phenomenal, and almost unquestionably the most enthralling debut album of any band this year.

Human Future return with their strongest and 
most eclectic output thus far, 'Flat Earth Blues' 8 June 2017

Having completed their first tour of Europe with Torpor, a brief stint across the UK with Rope, appearing at the prestigious Incubate Festival in Tilburg and being honoured to support Hydrahead visionaries, Mare; 2017 sees Human Future return with their first new output in 2 years.

'Flat Earth Blues' is named in reference to the book by Nick Davies, 'Flat Earth News', which is regarded as unveiling much of the 'dark arts' of journalism and the true nature of the industry. This has inspired the themes that run throughout the EP, with each song broaching a different facet of the overall focuses - media corruption, the media as propaganda, the state of journalism and it's future in a world with the internet. 'Flat Earth Blues' is a descent into increasing despair, bookended by a melancholy ambient introduction and plummeting into walls of harsh noise penetrated by a glimmer of hope at the end. It is the product of a world of confusion, distrust and misplaced trust.

True to form, Human Future have drawn from their numerous influences to incorporate ambient/noise music, post-rock/metal, prog rock, choral & film music, death metal and electronic music. Always wanting to tread new ground, 'Flat Earth Blues' represents a far more hands-on and personal result than they have achieved to date - shifting their sound between emphatic guitar solos, intricately layered blending of electronic and acoustic percussion and the maudlin choral section, composed with help from Jon Phipps (Moonspell / Amorphis / Kreator) and performed by Jacob Norris (Lectures).

Whilst recording 'Flat Earth Blues', not only did the band work with their long time producer, Lewis Johns, but also spent considerable time with Sound Engineer Mykel Dunn at Regeneration Studios near the idyllic Bewl Water in Kent, with further recording sessions at Stephen's Home studio and with Edd Dixon of Voodoo House Productions. With this process, the band have allowed time for everyone to put as much of themselves into the music as possible and for ideas to develop naturally as opposed to being rushed or contrived. Not only is it the most collaborative work of theirs but it is the most ambitious and far-reaching they've ever been. 

Finally, having seen his artwork used by label mates, Regurgitate Life, the band commissioned Luke Oram to create the mesmerising album cover. The imagery provides a cryptic, hallucinatory vision of the Fourth & Fifth Estates in a post-EU Referendum Britain.

'Flat Earth Blues' may not be Human Future's longest release, but it is undeniably their densest and most dynamic material yet. Numerous elements will go unnoticed without repeated listening - It demands your time and attention, rewarding those who delve deeper.