Record Store Day 2017 16 April 2017

We are pleased to be teaming up with our friends at All Ages Records in Camden and Resident Music in Brighton for this years Record Store Day. Both stores will have HOWLS debut album, 'The Headache' available one week before its official release date and will include a limited edition cover featuring a print of the original sketch for the artwork by artist Mercedes Bellido, along with a one of a kind, hand drawn icon for one of the tracks made by Illwookie.

These special editions of 'The Headache' are limited to 10 copies and are only available in these two locations.

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Easter Sale 14 April 2017

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Howls come roaring and screeching into 2017 with their debut LP, 'The Headache' 31 March 2017

Brighton based trio Howls let loose with their frantic blend of punk and hardcore on their debut album, ‘The Headache‘, out this April on Truthseeker Music.

‘The Headache’ is the sound of a band challenging itself to evolve; eager to take a step away from familiar surroundings in order to create something true to their influences whilst also embracing more experimental and melodic sounds.

This LP is Howls newest material since their 2015 EP, 'No Living', which was released on the now defunct Wolf At Your Door Records (Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana) Since then, Howls have played up and down the UK, sharing stages with the likes of Bastions, Palm Reader, and Employed To Serve.

‘The Headache’ was recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios (Palehorse, Yards, USA Nails) during the summer of 2016. Cover artwork by Mercedes Bellido

New songs from Human Future and Howls appear on our 'The First Two Years' Spring Sampler 1 February 2017

This week marks two years since the launch of the label, and to celebrate we have created a free to download sampler / compilation featuring all of the bands we have worked with so far. Included amongst the track listings are new songs from both Human Future and Howls, both of whom have new records due out via Truthseeker in the coming months.

Artwork by Tilly Barker

The track listing is as follows:

1. Howls - Guilt Trip
2. Oak - Broken Bodied
3. Human Future - Axiom
4. Scared of Everything - Dishwashing Melodies
5. Hexis - Tenebris *
6. Regurgitate Life - This Great Divide
7. 52 Commercial Road - Sell The Mirror Light
8. Rope - Ohrwurm
9. Palehorse - The Shower
10. SONANCE - End Your Life
11. Earth Moves - Pia Mater
12. Annexia - In Time, This Tide Too Will Break
13. Torpor - Agalma

* This track was taken from 'Abalam', out now on MusicFearSatan. We will be releasing a new Hexis record in late spring / early summer 2017.

Downloads of 'The First Two Years' are free, but we highly recommend paying for downloads today as Bandcamp are donating 100% of their share of all sales to the ACLU.

If you download the sampler, you will also see that it includes a discount code, valid on all purchases from our store from now through until April.

Truthseeker hail the riff with Regurgitate Life 27 January 2017

Regurgitate Life return with 'Obliteration Of The Self', their first new full length album since 2012. Now with 2 EPs, an album and an appearance at the prestigious 'Neurotic Deathfest' already under their belt, Regurgitate Life have laid the foundation for what is unquestionably their most ambitious and effective release so far. Brutal yet with the sort of progressive flourishes that are comparable only to the luminaries of the genre. Brimming with finger-tangling, catchy riffs whilst maintaining an immediate and powerful sound, 'Obliteration Of The Self' is not an album you will want to miss.

People familiar with the underground UK Metal scene may already recognise Sammy Urwin's name from the sleeve of some of the most intense and exciting records that Britain has had to offer in the past few years, these include Employed To Serve, Oblivionized and Renounced to name but a few. With it's origins as a one-man-band, Regurgitate Life began in 2008, and now with 'Obliteration Of The Self', Daryl Best (of notable metalcore act, Eulogy) has been invited to the fold, providing Regurgitate Life with live recorded drums for the first time.

'Obliteration Of The Self' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Frye at Century Audio, with the artwork created by Luke Oram.

Preorder now for £5.99, regular retail price £6.99

Swedish Hardcore heavyweights return with highly anticipated new EP 4 December 2016

Two years after their highly acclaimed self titled debut album, Oak return with 'Your Mess as Much as Mine’, a new five song 12” EP. In just 17 minutes, Oak channel emotions ranging from anger and grief to melancholy; bridging the gap between hardcore and screamo to create a truly ferocious record.

Since their debut album, Oak have developed musically towards a heavier sound, drawing on influences such as Converge and Botch, while at the same time making room for more nuance and dynamics. The result is a powerful and cohesive mix of genres, developed into a chaotic storm of heavy post-hardcore.

'Your Mess as Much as Mine' was recorded by Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec in Jönköping, Sweden and was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.

Listen to the opening track here, and preorder your copy of the EP here

Preorder Earth Moves debut LP 2 September 2016

Earth Moves debut album 'The Truth In Our Bodies' boasts an abundance of musical influences. Whilst being rooted in metal and hardcore, they also incorporate elements of shoegaze, screamo and post rock.

Stream the debut single now on Punktastic and preorder from our store, or Through Love Records (DE)

Made up of guitarist, Samuel Ricketts, vocalist Jordan Hill, bassist Mark Portnoi and drummer Gary Marsden, Earth Moves flows in movements shaped by the dynamic performances, shifting energy and mood akin to human temperament.

This deeply personal album is laced with recurring themes of grief, loss and longing which is beautifully reinforced by Jordan's impassioned and moving vocal performance. 'The Truth in Our Bodies' is a statement of intent for Earth Moves, and showcases a band who in their short life have already matured enough to create a record which is incredibly musically diverse; split perfectly between moments that are equally both intimate and expansive.

'The Truth in Our Bodies' was recorded by Joe Clayton (Old Skin, Caïna) at Nø Studio, near Strangeways Prison in Manchester and was mastered by Brad Boatright (Converge, Yob, Old Man Gloom, Stranger Things) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon. The album will be available on November 4th from Truthseeker Music in the UK and Through Love Records in Germany.